How do you know what is right or wrong? The first answer usually involves the 10 Commandments. The Bible tells us that the believer is dead to the law, so what is the guide line? If we are dead to a law, we can neither keep it nor break it. Adam and Eve discovered right and wrong in Eden. They were kicked out. And while the penalty of death came on us all as a result, the Bible also says that their failing was not counted against them.

After Jesus fulfilled all the law and the rules were nailed to the cross, ending them, we once again live without our failings counted against us. For the Jews, this also meant that their trespasses of the law were forgiven. For the Gentiles, who did not have the law, Paul says this:

Romans 2:14 (The Message)

When outsiders who have never heard of God’s law follow it more or less by instinct, they confirm its truth by their obedience.

This means that the law makes sense and the natural man knows to do right, at least in part. But the outsider/Gentile is not bound by laws of which he is unaware. His failing to keep the law is not counted against him. And since the cross, neither is the Jew bound by law.

It is over!

This leaves the question, as to how we know to do right, still without an answer. The people came to Moses and asked him to judge, and the result was the law given on Sinai, written on stone. Sacrifices were instituted to make atonement for the trespasses of the people. More laws were written to cover every conceivable trespass.

Still there were problems, so for a while, there were judges in Israel, to decided these things (if you deal with kids, you know that the more rules you have, the more you will need). Later, there were kings. And the scribes and religious leaders advised the kings. The prophets spoke God’s mind and warned of judgment.

Then the perfect came, which was Jesus, and did away with the imperfect, which was the law. And still man seeks rules instead of freedom. Man without the spirit of God within him will always need rules and laws, but those who are born from above by the living God seek rules too. This is should not be.

Having begun in the spirit, why would we then live by rules? Yet, when one tries to live by only walking in the spirit, by faith only, the religious people will seek to put rules on him.

The religious will quote the passage that says if one knows to do right and doesn’t do it, to that person it is sin. Well, it does mean that person failed. It doesn’t mean that person is guilty of anything.

Sin implies guilt, but there is no real guilt in failing. There can only be guilt if a law is transgressed.

Sin is not a good translation of the actual Greek, which is an archery term that means to miss the mark and fail to share in the prize. What mark, you ask? The mark of the high calling that Paul spoke of. And we know that none are perfect. Only Christ was perfect. Only in Him have we hit the mark, because He hit it.

To do what is right is to do what you know you should do. The un-regenerated will need rules and laws. But those in whom the spirit of God lives have His guidance.

One of the meanings of grace is the divine influence on the heart. Grace and the fruit of the spirit are very similar.


Grace operates in us and produces the nature of God. No rules, no laws. Only the rule of the spirit of life in Christ – which sets us free from sin and death.

Setting people free to walk in the spirit did not bother Jesus, nor the apostles. It only bothers the religious who want to control and fear freedom. Fear is not from God.

Grace operates out of supply, and does not place demands on us. It abounds to us. Love covers a multitude of errors, and mercy triumphs over judgment. We only need to let go and let God work in us. And in others.

If they don’t like your grace walk, show them more grace. It is the only way to counter those who want to put us under bondage and deny us the freedom we are meant to have in Christ.

So, if you are His, just live your life, because it is hid with Christ in God. The God of all the earth will do right in you and by you and through you. We have many great promises that this is so. Trust Him. Trust yourself. It’s not supposed to be complicated. It is unsettling to the religious mind. It’s called freedom in Christ.