Colossians 2:9 (Amplified Bible) For in Him the whole fullness of Deity (the Godhead) continues to dwell in bodily form [giving complete expression of the divine nature].

From the Greek literal: For in him is dwelling the whole repletion/completion of the deity bodily/corporeally.


1. The condition of being fully supplied or completely filled.

2. A state of excessive fullness.

3. The state or condition of being replete; fullness, esp. excessive fullness due to overeating

4. The satisfaction of a need or desire

This in no way implies, as do most Bible translations, that all of God dwelt in Christ. Preposterous. The heavens can’t contain Him. Besides, who did Jesus pray to if all of God was in Him already?

People, we need to get a grip on this. Many are going around saying that we have all of God, just as Jesus did. Being full is not the same as having all of something. If God is an ocean, we are a bucket. Dip us in, bring us up, and we are filled with all that is the ocean, but not all of the ocean.

The same holds true for the Holy Spirit in us. We have all that He is, but we don’t have all of Him. If just one person had all of the Holy Spirit, there would be no more Holy Spirit for anyone else. And that person would no doubt explode, quite frankly.

He is the Holy Spirit. Spirit is not quantifiable. Like the love we have for our children, there is always more for each one. And we lavish our love on them. Just as God lavishes the Holy Spirit on us.

When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, we are inundated by Him. We are filled with Him. Again, He is the ocean and we are the bucket. How preposterous to think we have it all. We have access to it all, and we have the essence of it all. We are replete and full. Yet the ocean has depths and currents and differences in local composition. Do you suppose God may have unknown qualities?

God seems to delight in shaking up our ideas. Look what He did on Pentecost! He is still shaking us. Just when we think we have gotten it, He does a new thing. We know in part until that time when we know face to face. While some would say we already know face to face now, I would strongly doubt that this is so. I guess that it would depend on your view of how things will be in the end.

As for me, and many like me, I will continue to expect more of God and more of the Holy Spirit in my life. He delights in revealing Himself to me, in overshadowing me, and in making me continually replete. If He had stopped doing that, I would be far less than I am now. He is the One that we desire and can’t get enough of, and even when we think we can’t hold more, He gives us more and we are well able to contain it. He is a mystery and a wonder.

As a post script, let me add this:

Recognizing there is always more of God and the Holy Spirit does not mean that we have to stand around praying and begging God to show up, to move, or to fill us. We are filled, He has moved by filling us in the first place, and He has shown up – He is not hiding, but is in us, and revealed to us in Jesus.

We need only to let what is in us flow out. We don’t need for God to move. We are the people we’ve been waiting for. We need to get moving, to bring the gospel in power, to heal the sick, and make disciples. We are anointed already. Go.

When you worship Him, remember it’s a celebration of who He is, and we praise Him for that. We don’t worship to get Him to do anything. We rather join in the dance with the godhead, in fields of grace. If that doesn’t set you free, nothing will.