This is an opinion piece. If I quoted scriptures, choosing the version that best fits my purpose (and even thought I generally like the most literal) I know that many would be more than happy to quote other scriptures that contradict what I say. So, none of that. Just my thoughts, trying to express has been revealed to my heart by God. Yes, by God.

We who are saved and know it, are the most blessed on the earth. Those who are not saved can only hope for the best when they meet their maker. This is extremely good news for those who know their redeemer. It is in fact called the good news, the gospel. We are called out to spread the good news.

Does this mean that the rest of the world is going to hell? Some would say so. I can’t (except that yes, all are going to the grave). Those who lived between Adam and Moses sinned, but God says He doesn’t charge it against them. They did all die, which is the penalty of Adam’s disobedience. Then the law of Moses came, and there were also penalties for transgressions, but the guilt and judgements were staved off by the sacrifices. Except for the occasional stoning.

Then Jesus came. He paid it all. The penalty of death, and the punishment of the law, even though he did not break the law. He paid to the uttermost, every mouth is stopped, and it is finished.

What does that mean to the unbelievers? It means that sin (click on the link) was taken away from the world. The lamb of God did that. He did not fail. So, no sinning remains. Those who see sinning do not understand the finished work of the Jesus, and neither to they understand grace.

People who do not believe are said to have the principle of the law written on their hearts by God, and they have had it since Adam. They still have it and will be judged by it, whether they did what they knew was right or did not. Still, there is no penalty for breaking the law in the heart. Never was one given.

I believe that God of course will do the right thing by all his creation. I believe that when the dead works of all are burnt up, the people themselves will be saved by the same fire, purified and right with God. Will some not make it through that fire? I don’t know. But I do believe that there will be a lot of happy surprises in the time of resurrection.

Christ made the way back to God for us. He has rescued humanity by his sacrifice. It is confirmed by his resurrection, as the first among many. All died in Adam and all will be made alive in Jesus. There are many abodes in Papa’s house.

Those who believe have his life now in this age. And in the life to come. Those who don’t believe must wait and hope. Knowing is much better! I’d like to think I’d choose to know, but that is not how it works. We believe, and then we know.

The church needs to stop basing its concepts on Dante’s Inferno. It’s fiction, people. Hell is the grave. It’s also a garbage dump. In Jesus’ day, people understood it as continually on fire, where animals gnashed their teeth fighting for scraps, where there was wailing – a place of waste and destruction. His hearers would have gotten the point. We have missed it.

Sometimes it’s a mythological place of the dead, or Hades. Mythological. I don’t recommend believing myths.

So why even bother to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom? Why did the early Christians turn the world upside down? Why? Because it is gloriously freeing news. It brings us back to our Father. Then we go out make disciples and more come to know their Father. He desires that. And there is healing in salvation. Why would we not want to go out and bring the will of heaven to earth?

The kingdom is in our midst, and we spend too much time sitting around the table with our immediate family. Our family includes all who are not sitting at the table yet. Go out and invite them in. We debate about who will be in or out. Let’s let them in and then let God sort it out.

The upshot of what I am saying is that some are saved in this life – made whole, rescued, preserved, healed. The called out ones. We are in the kingdom now. We are righteous because Jesus has made us righteous. To be righteous means to be accepted by God, to be innocent, and as to the law, guiltless and virtuous.

But many will also be accepted by God in that new day that is coming. Righteous. Multitudes. Great and small, He loves them all. Is this Christian universalism? Maybe. But I’d rather have to explain why I drew a bigger circle and took them in, than to explain why I excluded the very ones Jesus died for.

Will there be multitudes in the kingdom, or will there be a relative few? How big is your God? How many made it out of Egypt? Was it not a mixed multitude? Most eventually died after the law was given. That’s what the law does. It brings death.

Jesus brings life and reconciliation. That is our ministry – reconciliation. We are His hands and feet. We can allow things, or disallow them, and God will approve. We can forgive sin. We can hold up those who need to be held up. We have authority to do these things. We bring God’s will, which lives in us by grace, from heaven to earth.

OK. The happy heretic is done. Fire at will.