This is by a friend, John P. Cwynar
I realize that humanly speaking, there is a process to everything, but I think it can be over done when it comes to forgiveness. We stall the act of forgiveness by saying “we don’t feel it” or “we are just not ready to forgive someone” or “forgiveness takes time.” As a counselor, I realize that it is extremely difficult to let go of years & years of being abused… especially when there is no repentance on the part of the abuser.

But forgiveness is not only difficult… it is an impossible task for a human to do… and yet forgiveness took place in an instant 2,000 years ago. Jesus did what we could never do… and He did it in our place at the cost of His Life. Forgiveness is already a completed act on behalf of every man, woman and child that has ever lived. No offense exists between me and God or me and every man that has not already been forgiven.

To forgive one another AS Christ has forgiven us… is to consciously enter into agreement with what Jesus has already done. When someone ‘offends me’… and I forgive them… I am just saying the AMEN to what Jesus has already done. I remove the perceived offense on my end, because the offense in reality has already been removed. The thorn and weight of the offense has already been removed for me, so that I can heal and move on with my life.

The perceived ‘process’ of forgiveness has to do with our feelings. Feeling forgiven or feeling that we have forgiven another is what often takes time… even though we have forgiven. But, waiting to forgive until I feel like forgiving, is like leaving the thorn in the wound and expecting it to heal. Or it is like continuing to carry an unnecessary and unbearable burden… and wondering why I can’t seem to move on with my life. The act of forgiveness done in Jesus Name allows us to let it go once and for all days… because He has done it already for me. His Spirit enables me to do this.

Status Update
By John P. Cwynar
Forgiveness: A Process or An Act?