If we are still ‘laboring’ to enter His rest, and some still are after many years of knowing Him, we miss the point. There is no way to work to enter Him. We are already accepted. Paul was being witty, using his love of contrast, saying “If you must work, work to enter His rest”.

He was also saying, “Stop wasting time. Enter speedily. Be diligent. Don’t waste another moment striving.”  The word, labor, is one of the unfortunate bad translations that permeate the New Testament. It does not mean to toil or to strive or strain.

Yet I have heard internationally known grace teachers who claim that they and their staff are still laboring to enter His rest. And I have friends who say the same thing, perhaps taking their cue from such teachers. They are losing their joy and freedom over it. They can’t ‘find grace’ and are miserable.

If you know anyone like this, encourage him or her that entering His rest is just like walking in grace and the spirit. We recognize that it is a truth and we act on it. Then we will live it.