Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Very, very, dead. Her feet curled up and she evaporated. Now, that is quite dead.

We keep hearing from preachers and Bible teachers that our ‘old man’ is dead. What is that? Who is that? What exactly is it that is dead? I mean, I don’t feel dead. I still bleed when I’m cut, yell when I stub my toe, do stupid things and sometimes mean ones. I still like ice cream and T-bone steak. Walks on the beach. You know.

Clearly, we don’t really crucify the old person. We believe and yet we are still us. We still do stuff that most usually call sins. So what are we to make of this? What is Paul saying? He was writing to believers who were often Jewish, living in the Gentile nations. I think that is a clue to his mindset.

We have trouble thinking in the Jewish mode, so we’ve opted for the classical Greek, and basically Gnostic, idea that it is a spiritual death and resurrection. But we are not spirit beings having a human experience. We are living souls and have spirits. There is not a dichotomy of spirit and flesh. We are one integral being.

Nowhere does the original Greek wording or thought imply that it is a spiritual death. So it has to be symbolic. And, if it is a symbolic death, how does that affect our daily lives in the flesh?

So, I sat down to read Romans 6:6 in context. To do that, I had to read from the first chapter of Romans through the sixth. Well, make that the seventh. I read it in different versions. One thing stood out. We have died to our old life so we can live our new life – His life. The old life was one that ended in death – His death. The new one begins in the death of that old one.

Could this be it? The penalty of Adam’s transgression, and the death that passed on all humanity, was really a foreshadow of His death? This is most interesting. And I just myself saw this, as I typed. Love it when that happens – revelation on the fly!

We don’t crucify the old man. We were not dead spiritually. Really, how does one live without a spirit anyway? How does a spirit die? God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul. Breath = spirit = life force. That is the ancient Hebrew understanding. We have changed it by embracing philosophies that are foreign to Hebrew thought.

None of what I have ever been taught made any sense to me. Till now. This makes sense. Christ fulfilled the type, which is Adam. Adam died and all died. Christ died but rose again. We are raised with Him. FINIS! Amen.