I cannot accept the theology that says God breaks us to make us whole. We are whole because of the cross. Jesus never broke a bruised reed or quenched a smoking wick. He was the exact representation of God to us. He never told anyone that He would heal them after they learned a lesson. He never told anyone that tragedy happened in order to teach them something (remember the tower of Siloam).

I can understand enduring great hardship and thinking God must be allowing it, or even brought it, for a purpose. But Jesus did not model that. He said instead the we would have trouble in this world, but He has overcome the world. He came to destroy the work of the devil. And then He told us to go into the world and bring that kind of kingdom to the people. To be ministers of reconciliation.

What kind of kingdom? One where wholeness is the goal. One that operates from God’s heart of grace. One that models love and all the fruit of the spirit. One that heals, mends, lifts up, and walks along side. One that is diametrically opposed to the works of the devil, and doesn’t confuse his works with God’s ways. This is the new covenant mindset.