I just read the following:

“You heard me right…  Jesus ISN’T physically coming back… not next year, not the year after that, nor in the   lifetimes of our great, great grandchildren (or even for their grandchildren).  What IS coming is the Spring, the Summer, the Autumn, and the Winter…  No one gets out of here (physically) alive.  Not you, not me, not our furry little pets, not the sparrow, nor the hawk, nor the deer, nor your children…

That’s the whole point of the HUMAN EXPERIENCE… We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.  And part of that experience IS silently slipping through that hospital room’s ceiling tiles at the end of our time here.  Trying to make that go away with men’s words or crazy interpretations of an ancient vision someone had for his local fellow bond servants – will simply not get that job done, no more than talking to a tree will ensure the leaves don’t turn yellow and brown in September.  It is a fantasy we have blindly bought into, and it will NOT stop the winter – that is surely coming for each and every one of us.

And guess what else?  It is not something we should be afraid of, for the eternal part of us, who we really are – returns to God from whence we all came. (Ecclesiastes 12:7) ”

This is the big lie that is being fed to a lot of people. Especially young people. Now, it can make you feel good, in an everything is OK kind of way. And everything is OK. In fact, it’s better than OK. But not because we are a spirit having a human experience (that is not supported anywhere in the scripture, and the scripture is, after all what points us to Jesus in the first place – so we should pay attention to it, and read it correctly.)

We are not going to die and return to God who made us. Our spirit (translated from the word for “breath, air”) goes out and ‘returns’. We die. Our bodies dissolve, so to speak. Gone. But we have the promise and hope of a resurrection. Jesus was the first. We will follow when He calls us up. It is a mystery, but it is the great hope of the church. It is for preaching it that the apostle Paul was persecuted.

Resurrection is not a separate and secret snatching away, called the rapture. The whole rapture scenario is not supported in scripture any more than our spirits are the eternal part of us that returns to God. This is new age bunk. Pagan religions are based on the lie of immortal souls and eternal spirits. But the God of the Bible says otherwise. Harder to believe than just floating off in bliss? Yes. But as of now, Christ is the only one who has immortality. God is the only sentient spirit. We should leave it that way.

At its core, this belief, that we are spirits having a human experience, smacks of Gnosticism (physical bad, spirit good) as well as the influence of classical Greek thinking that basically said the spirit and the physical were separate, and the spirit was a higher plane of existence.


This is all easy to research. Including the biblical view of man as a whole being. It started in Genesis. God breathed into Adam and he became a living soul. We are living souls, and have a spirit. The spirit is what animates the body and makes us living souls. Not the reverse.

Further, the usage of soul and spirit in the scripture is rather fluid. It’s not as clear cut as some would have us to think. The terms overlap in many places. Personally, I will stick with the foundation already given to us in probably the purest form of any ancient writings.