What are we dead to? When did we die? What exactly was it that died?

When I saw that the death pronounced on the first Adam was really prophetic of the last Adam’s death, it changed my take on this. By His death, we are all relieved of our ‘old man’ and are a new creation. The old has passed away and all things have become new. We have His life in us. Paul said that he was dead, yet he lived.

Paul also said that we are dead and our life is hid with Christ in God. This makes sense to me now. Because of the death Jesus died, all that old stuff we worry about, and call sin, does not count any more. We “died” with Him. We are raised with Him in new life. His life is in us. We don’t have to figure out how. It just is. And that is what will raise us bodily one day.

So, when Paul says to “put off the old man”, what is he saying? Is it something we can actually do? No.

Paul is saying to realize we are new – to quit thinking the old way. It’s an exhortation. We are new, through what Christ did. The sense in the original text is that it has been done and they (the Ephesians) had been taught this, and they were to realize it and act like it. We are new creations. Notify your mind and actions. Let grace teach you, not rules and laws. We have new life.

We do not “die daily”. We do not decrease so that He can increase. We do not put off the old man. It is already done. Jesus did it. When we see this, we walk in newness and freedom. It is joy unspeakable. All we have to do is be ourselves, except that we need to stop being our own worst enemy. God loves us to be us. We used to say, “Let go and let God.” We should do it.

He has done it all, given it all to us, and lives this life with us, in us. It’s a wonderful dance.