The community of believers in Christ has come though works, to faith, to new birth, to Spirit-filled, and now to grace. This true both historically and relationally. Grace is more than a bridge, but it is rather a growing. It never ceases. It is in us, the divine influence on our hearts, which teaches us godliness.


I have seen the joy and freedom of living by faith, of being born from above, and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Now, even more than all that, comes the absolute explosion of joy and freedom, peace and love, from knowing we live in grace. The realization that there really are no chains binding us to performance, to giving account of ourselves, or to sin consciousness, cannot be put into words.


We experience all these things when we come to Christ. It seems to explode over us, and in us, when we are filled with the Spirit. Then we learn about grace. The explosion may be softer. But the fruit of it is more constant. The fruit of the spirit really begins to ripen and it has a sweet savor. The love that was put in us begins to change us in ways we never knew possible. We don’t try to do it, it just happens. Fruit grows.


Is love the step that grace has led us to? I’m thinking it is. It will be something we’ve never known before. Let’s not miss it by camping in a grace valley…..