There Is No Gay Debate

Why is there no gay debate? Because if we are walking in grace, we have no sin consciousness. Not our own, and not anyone else’s. Sin has been taken away by the Lamb of God. If it hasn’t, then Jesus failed. He did not fail.

It is by the law that sin is known. The law has been done away with. It is over. It is finished. We live by faith and grace. And, since the law was for the Jews, it does not concern us anyway. But when we try to live by it, we fall from grace, and have a veil over our eyes, keeping us from seeing truth.

So then why do some keep trying to put gay people under the law? When we use that mindset, we put ourselves under it too. That is beyond ridiculous. The only guide is grace, the divine influence on the heart. It will never lead us to hurt or abuse or manipulate. Grace produces the fruit of the spirit, and the chief thing is love.

Do you love someone? Then it does not matter if that person is the opposite sex or the same sex. Love is the measure. So, be free, whoever you are. Free to love, wholly and completely. There is no condemnation, and there is nothing you need to do to change yourself. You do not have to be deny yourself and be celibate. You are who you were born to be.

Gay debate? Nonsense. All those legalistic arguments are invalid under grace. There is no argument. Grace does not operate on arguments, and love needs no permission.