The following is from the status of a Facebook friend:

“Many still live under the misunderstanding that they are constantly being convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit in order to stay “right” with God. They believe they must need this “conviction” or they might overlook some sin then be held in accountable and subject to possible judgment.

They are often found trying to comfort themselves and pleading their own cause based in a penance of daily sorrow calling it repentance for their failures, inadvertently engaging in the act of being their own “advocate” before God constantly pleading their own case by “working” to stay “positionally” correct through each act of confession.

This is nothing more than a kind of pseudo strategic role playing that displaces Jesus as the sacrifice for ALL sin for ALL men, and holds the Holy Spirit in the position of the constant prosecutor and accuser of the brethren rather than who He is as (Paraclete (Gr. παράκλητος): Encourager, Comforter and personal Advocate of His children…

The former belief is nothing more than a strategically, devilishly inspired version of biblical interpretation that keeps the “sons” bound in condemning behavior and practice, but is being overturned by the Holy Spirit Himself ~ people are “waking up” and once again, surveying the wondrous cross and the vicarious life and death of the Savior.

The Good News tells a different version and one all men need to
hear….”  ~ by Ralph Brier