“We are not preaching the Gospel of ADAM where our choice and FAITH was robbed from us. We are preaching the Gospel of JESUS where choice was restored. We have a free will now, we had no freedom under ADAM. It can be likened to slavery. When freedom comes they have choice, they are not placed into NO CHOICE again, that is bondage. Many can still not believe what Jesus has done for us, we are restored to HIM (JUST LIKE HIM). If He can choose I can choose… simple.

I refuse go back to bondage…” ~Bertie Brits

Chose this day whom you will serve, said God. When Jesus came, He said to His disciples that they hadn’t chosen Him but He had chosen them. What? Well, they still had choice. Most dropped everything and followed the rabbi who had the words of life. One said, not now, because he had to bury his father (which was a polite way in those days of saying, “No”).

When we hear the message of the gospel, we can be persuaded by it and believe. Or we can not be persuaded and not believe. We of course are drawn to Him by God and He knows just the right way to present Himself to us at just the right time. That is why most will, at some point, respond by believing. Faith (belief and trust) will rise up and they will recognize Him for who He is. We are designed to know God.

This is good news. Many tell us that we do not choose. What? Are we puppets? No! We all have the ability to believe, to have faith, to be persuaded, and to trust. We are made that way.