OK. Let’s get sensible. God does not dream. He knows. He does not sleep.

C’mon, you who say this. It sounds nice. Someone said it once, and it caught on. But it is not true.

We have to stop ascribing human attributes to God. We are in His image, not the other way around. We are not Him and He is quite far beyond us in ability and power.

If God has dreams for us, that’s not very reassuring. Dreams don’t always come true. They are fleeting images in the time of sleep. They can be daydreams, imaginings. Things we wish were so.

God knows, and God created. Perhaps He imagined it first, and then He did it. That is not dreaming. That is intentional. Plans carried out. Not hopes and dreams. God does deeds.

So, now we dream and believe and have visions. One day we will know, as He does. And we will cease our dreaming.