We are never dead, ‘spiritually’, and never have been. Not even Adam. And especially not Jesus.

Two reasons. Well, three. First, we are whole, body, soul, and spirit. Second, I can find no clear statement in scripture that this is so. And third, some groups teach this. The Mormon church is one, and the only things they cite to support it are from the Book of Mormon. It smacks of gnosticism, quite frankly.

The church as a whole has been influenced for centuries by pagan thinking, which was absorbed and made to look biblical. We are living souls (see Genesis) and we have a spirit (the original words mean ‘breath’ or ‘animating force’) which makes us alive. If we could die spiritually, then we would be dead physically as well.

There is a sense in which we are filled with the Holy Spirit and become alive to the things of God. Spirit in this case means influence or motivation. Jesus had the Holy Spirit without measure. But when we die, the spirit in all it’s meanings, goes back to God who gave it.

Jesus gave up His spirit to the Father. And He died. And He was buried. And on the third day He arose by the same spirit of God. And that same spirit will make our mortal bodies alive again one day. That is the great hope of the church. But ‘spiritual death’ is not scriptural.