Morality concerns right and wrong. We all think we must choose. Everyone has a conscience. It’s built into us, ever since Eden.

Morality implies that God is rewarding and punishing. He is not.

Believers know we are made right by Christ. Yet we also must choose. But when we choose the unwise or harmful thing, it is not held against us by God. What we do is continue to act in love. This is where grace leads us.

The capacity for love is in everyone, and grace influences everyone. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord, remember. But none are being ‘held accountable’ because Jesus did indeed reconcile all things.

Accountability and offense were only connected to the law of Moses. It was given to the Jews, and not the Gentiles. All peoples went by what their consciences told them, a sort of natural law place in them by God. But their decisions were not held against any by God.

The power of love and grace in our lives is what makes us free from having to choose right or wrong. It is the very gospel. When we live knowing we are loved by God, we can then love others.

We are rescued from morality, to live by His life in us. Those who are not doing this have not believed the good news. They are still choosing right and wrong, and worried about reward and punishment for those choices.

Living by grace is denying nothing that Jesus did, as some charge! He did it all and it is finished. This is the good news.