What is this idea that all people on the planet are “in” Christ and only need to ‘wake up’ and know who they are (which is what so many are teaching these days)?

The second Adam (Jesus) is a quickening spirit. You aren’t quickened unless and until you believe. If you don’t believe, you wait for the resurrection.

The Greek word translated “in” is “en” and means in, by, with, etc., a primary preposition denoting (fixed) position (in place, time or state), and (by implication) instrumentality (medially or constructively), i.e. a relation of rest.

There is an entirely different word that means “into”, as in “inside of”. Christ is not literally in anyone. He ascended bodily and is at the right hand of God. He sent us the Holy Spirit to be with us and indwell us. And when the spirit came upon anyone, then as now, there was evidence. It was an action, an event.

I submit that most translations, and I’ve yet to find one that differs, have gotten this wrong. The word “in” should be “by” or “with”, especially since English makes little distinction regarding the word “in”. It does not always mean “inside of” but that’s how we usually read it.

When God poured out His spirit on all flesh, it means that it was poured out on everyone who believes, comes to Him, and so on. Before Pentecost, the spirit was only upon individuals for a purpose, and then it left. Now it’s freely given.

No where in the book of Acts do we read anything about everyone having the Holy Spirit, or Christ. Quite the opposite, in fact. People had to hear the gospel and believe.

It is true that through Christ, God reconciled all things. Now that all things are reconciled and sin is taken away, all people have access to God, are able turn to Him, and believe about Jesus, and so on.

The Holy Spirit draws and calls all. Some come. But the vast majority of humanity will not ever hear, and will only see their Creator on that resurrection day. Because of the finished work of Christ, this is possible. Truly, no one comes but because of Him.

If Christ is present in everyone on the planet, there is little evidence of it. No scriptural basis for it. I have had issues with this idea for years and I still do.