If we are really spirits, as some teach, what’s the point of having a body? To learn something? No! If we already existed, with God, as some say, then what’s to learn? That is religion talking.

Even if God creates our spirit when we are born, again, what’s the point? If we are really spirits, why do we need to live in a body and then die? If it’s to learn something, then again, that is religion talking.

Think, people. The Bible does not support this. Other religions support it, and other religions have some truth about God, but this is not one of those truths. I thought maybe it was. I thought about it, followed it through, and the only reason to suppose that we are spirits is so we continue on after death. But that thinking is flawed.

The Hebrew thought was that you die and sleep in the grave until awakened. Then some pagan thought crept in, and the Jews began to believe in a hidden place where all spirits waited for the resurrection. But it was always resurrection. Not floating off to heaven and dancing on streets of gold, seeing all your loved ones who made it in, and being immediately with the Lord.

And God help those who didn’t make it to heaven, who never ‘invited Jesus into their hearts’ or who never even heard of Him. Apparently it’s OK with most Christians is three fourths of all the people who have ever lived will be in the eternal conscious torment of hell.

Which begs the question of how is a spirit tormented? Or if it’s heaven, what do spirits wear? Spirit clothes? How do you see other? Spirit eyes? And if that’s what it’s all about, why did we to live in corruptible bodies? Why bother? Which is what I was asking at the beginning.

So, my conclusion is that we are living souls. We have something called a spirit, whatever that is. When we die, it goes back to God who gave it. The word for spirit is wind, breath, air. Not ghost or apparition. Why didn’t the writers use those words? Just saying.