This is one of the most succinct expositions I have read on what eternal life really is.

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Jeff Turner ~

Eternal life is not simply a reference to an expanded, extended, and exit-less existence. Rather, it is a quality of life that springs from ceaseless union with the Godhead. It is adoption. It is a feasting upon the bread of acceptance, and an inhaling of the air of adoption.

Eternal life is not merely something that awaits us in the hereafter, but is the substance in which we are presently swimming. It is a life which is helplessly tangled up in the life of Jesus Christ and His union with His Father and the Spirit. It is God, sharing with you the communion, love, laughter and light that has always existed in the family of the Trinity, and causing you to become a part of the clan.

Eternal life is God’s life, given to men freely, and independent of their efforts and labors. It is Jesus Christ, taking His eternal existence, and joining it with our own, causing two worlds to become united and inseparable. It is heaven bleeding over into the earth, and the earth bleeding over into heaven. More than that, it is heaven and earth becoming one in the person of Jesus Christ! The human race and divinity becoming one inseparable unit in His incarnation.

Eternal Life…it is not just about quantity, but quality.

It is communion. It is union.

It is Eternal, it is Life, it is yours, and it is NOW!

“NOW this is ETERNAL LIFE: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17:3)