This is from a friend on Facebook, Gustavo Flores:


The most significant sign of GRACE is that one becomes more human NOT more “spiritual.”
Sometimes I see Grace people feeling like they have to justify their “doctrinal” stance by being “more spiritual” or “more moral” or “more happy” or “more peaceful” or “more deep” or more WHATEVER.

Guess what? We DONT.
Just BE.

We’re allowed to be “regular”.
We don’t have to be an “example”.
We don’t have to “watch our witness”.
We’re allowed to have bad days.
We’re allowed to get pissed off.
We’re allowed to lose debates.
We DONT have to have all the answers.
We don’t have to have “experiences”.
We don’t have to have “visions”.
We don’t even have to “sound spiritual” when we talk.

Don’t trade one form of fake performance religion for another one called “grace”.


GRACE is unpretentiously beautiful…

~ Gustavo Flores