Some are saying that sex is only for marriage (sorry, single retirees, you have to give up your social security and marry your love, should be lucky enough to have one.) I know this is not a new stance, but the ones saying it are also teaching grace and freedom from law. Then they turn around and put people under law and Old Testament thinking, and New Testament rules that were never meant to be rules for all time. This should not be.

Not only that, but they see marriage as a sacrament. It is NOT! It is, and always has been, a contract. They are teaching morality by what is written in scripture. It’s my view that morality is heresy! It is looking to the law (both OT and new rules assumed in the NT) as your guide. Our guide is grace, God’s influence in our hearts, by the spirit, to know His ways (“godliness”).

Like the apostle Paul said, all things are “lawful” (and remember, the law is done away with) but not all things are profitable (or expedient). Grace is often very subjective. That is what scares people. But it is also the only way to live in freedom.