Religion and doctrine lead nowhere. So, where are going?

What about grace? Isn’t that the way out of religion and doctrine, even Christian dogma?


Grace, the gift God working in our hearts, is the way out. But there is more. Grace leads us to love.

God is love. We are one with God. We are love. We are birthed into it and we live and move in it.

There is no separation. There never was. We just believed the lie.

Grace is the stepping stone to love. To the absolute unconditional and never ending love that is God.

It is the end of going nowhere. Love is where we find ourselves.

We don’t even have to go there. It has already found us, enveloped us, and made us whole.

Is this just another doctrine? No.  Love is is the distillation of all that is God.

There is no argument against love. Love is all there is.