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I reject any theology of God that has as its base the idea of punishment, wrath, chastisement, guilt, shame, torment, or inflicted suffering, or being indebted.  And I probably left something out.


You know, I look around. I make mental notes. I register spiritual ones.

And I have seen that those who talk about grace and love and oneness are happy, yet are constantly attacked by those who talk about scriptures and dogmas…. and they are not happy, not really. Happy people don’t act like that.

It’s beginning to be a no-brainer. Look to the thing that produces love and joy. Look to what God is speaking to your heart.

Grace is… beautiful…


Love is all you need.

All else is like arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin…..















Does this mean the previous blog entries are moot? Pretty much.

As I step out of the system called religion, and into Abba, I am constantly left high on the pure air of his spirit. He whispers, “Love!”

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