In short,  Jesus was executed by the Romans, in collusion with the Jewish leaders. He did fulfill the OT law and prophets, but that was to the Jews, from their own tradition. And very well done. Only God could make that come together, with the help of men writing it down, perhaps with embellishment……

To the Gentile of that day, Jesus’ resurrection was evidence of the one true God, who was living and not made of stone or wood or metal. We find this in Paul’s speech on Mars Hill, in the book of Acts.

To us, if we step outside the Hebrew narrative, He shows us what being one with God looks like. In fact, He alone shows us what God is like. God is so much bigger than one nation’s religious book.

When I began to understand this, I realized why all the talk of the shed blood of Jesus never really attracted me. Rather, I found it gory, morbid, and repulsive. I’m very happy not to think about it anymore. It was not meant for me. Not really.

Now I know I am one with God and was always loved and never needed to be forgiven for anything. What the churches taught me was Jewish reasoning. I’m so done with that.

This is where I am on my journey. It may not be where you are.  I didn’t change so much as I just woke up, rounded a bend, and there it was – a huge shift in my thinking and believing.