Writing about grace is an ephemeral thing. It is trying to capture the essence of God in words. Write a book about it, and you kill its reality, like keeping fireflies in a jar till they die.

Grace is God’s poetry and music in your heart. Set it free.












Religion and doctrine lead nowhere. So, where are going?

What about grace? Isn’t that the way out of religion and doctrine, even Christian dogma?


Grace, the gift God working in our hearts, is the way out. But there is more. Grace leads us to love.

God is love. We are one with God. We are love. We are birthed into it and we live and move in it.

There is no separation. There never was. We just believed the lie.

Grace is the stepping stone to love. To the absolute unconditional and never ending love that is God.

It is the end of going nowhere. Love is where we find ourselves.

We don’t even have to go there. It has already found us, enveloped us, and made us whole.

Is this just another doctrine? No.  Love is is the distillation of all that is God.

There is no argument against love. Love is all there is.


This is by a special guest writer and good friend:

 The Knowledge of Good and Evil

I was inspired by a friend this morning, preaching about the nature of good and evil and how it relates to us in terms of “the Gospel” and every day life.

A couple of things that I have been struggling to express for a long time fell into place for me.

The problem all began back in “the garden” (I don’t care whether it was a story or a fact – doesn’t change anything) when Adam and Steve, I mean Eve, ate from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (cue dramatic music).

Basically, they wanted to know the nature of everything in terms of two defined moral and ethical standards, standards they could describe in black and white – standards that required no decisions based on relationship, empathy, love or passion.

Just Good or Evil.

They walked away from relationship, and this is the whole basis of human thinking ever since. We are obsessed with defining everything in terms of good – evil, moral – immoral, ethical – unethical, ad infinitum…

So the greatest challenge to christians is the whole concept that Jesus completely did away with anything to do with that Tree. He didn’t come to help us make better decisions about good and evil, right and wrong. He didn’t come to give us the strength to choose good and right. He didn’t come to give us the power to resist evil and bad things. He didn’t even come to help us sort out our problems.

He came to rip out the tree by its roots!

EVERYTHING Jesus did was to reveal/point us to our unity with God (that was established before the foundation of the world…) – i.e. relationship! There is no more right or wrong, good or bad – there is only relationship with God. Relationship with LOVE himself (I only use the masculine pronoun because english doesn’t have a non-gendered personal pronoun).

I will never get anywhere if I keep thinking about how sinful I am, how much wrong and bad I do, how bad everyone is, how right or wrong/good or evil the world is etc. That thinking is anti-christ. It is negating everything God did in his Jesus manifestation.

Yes, I know, the first thing that pops into my head is “what about the wrong/bad/evil things that people do – that I do?” But let’s stop for a minute, and look at this. Everything is lawful/permissible but not everything is a great idea. Some things have crappy, and even horrific consequences. But the good news is that doesn’t affect our union with God in the slightest – not one little iddy bit. So He’s cool with whatever, but we do stuff that doesn’t help ourselves or others – its not “beneficial”. In other words, its not love – it doesn’t come from (yes you guessed it) relationship!

So now what? Be responsible for the mess you make, in the full knowledge that you and those affected by those non-beneficial actions are actually completely loved and also free from the nasty tree. If I don’t forgive myself, I’m saying I’m more important than God, I have greater power and authority, because he GOT RID OF THE TREE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. He doesn’t even judge me, because he doesn’t see us in that light.

I make bad decisions because my mind IS BEING RENEWED to realise my unconditional love union with him.

This is not making light of the messes and damage we do through stupid actions. It is the only solution!

Here’s my idea of how things work (very simplistic, cos if kids don’t get it, it must be wrong).

  1. No good or evil – just love union with God
  2. I can make decisions/actions that do not benefit me or someone else
  3. I take the most loving actions that reflect my union with God to reconcile those affected and fix the mess
  4. I love those affected by the decision – including myself – and move on, refusing to be judged further on the matter by anyone – including myself. 
  5. All my actions are to be governed by love relationship, NOT by right or wrong, good or evil.
This may sound petty or stupid and just ignoring huge amounts of “reality”. But its the only way forward. I am no longer to think in terms of sin. God doesn’t, so its the height of pride and arrogance for me to think that way. In fact its denying everything God established “before the foundations of the world” for us to live in unity with him and everyone else.
My un-renewed mind still wants “good and evil” because it gives me the power to judge and condemn, myself and everyone else. But Jesus grabs us by the hand, pulls us into the arms of God and only ever tells us about how much we are loved. That alone bring us to repentance, and repentance just simply and purely means changing our mind – that’s it, no guilt and remorse, shame or self flagellation, just changing our mind about being separated from God in any way.
I am whole, loved and complete. I’m still being renewed to this fact, but that does not change anything. Jesus restored us to relationship – end of story. I will not hold anyone in judgement, and I will not allow other’s judgments to affect me. 
The more I awake to my intimate union with God, the more I will be love, with no thought of good or evil.
This is true freedom. A license to sin? Sorry, I don’t know what sin is any more.

And this will annoy a LOT of people.



Some are saying that sex is only for marriage (sorry, single retirees, you have to give up your social security and marry your love, should be lucky enough to have one.) I know this is not a new stance, but the ones saying it are also teaching grace and freedom from law. Then they turn around and put people under law and Old Testament thinking, and New Testament rules that were never meant to be rules for all time. This should not be.

Not only that, but they see marriage as a sacrament. It is NOT! It is, and always has been, a contract. They are teaching morality by what is written in scripture. It’s my view that morality is heresy! It is looking to the law (both OT and new rules assumed in the NT) as your guide. Our guide is grace, God’s influence in our hearts, by the spirit, to know His ways (“godliness”).

Like the apostle Paul said, all things are “lawful” (and remember, the law is done away with) but not all things are profitable (or expedient). Grace is often very subjective. That is what scares people. But it is also the only way to live in freedom.

This is from a friend on Facebook, Gustavo Flores:


The most significant sign of GRACE is that one becomes more human NOT more “spiritual.”
Sometimes I see Grace people feeling like they have to justify their “doctrinal” stance by being “more spiritual” or “more moral” or “more happy” or “more peaceful” or “more deep” or more WHATEVER.

Guess what? We DONT.
Just BE.

We’re allowed to be “regular”.
We don’t have to be an “example”.
We don’t have to “watch our witness”.
We’re allowed to have bad days.
We’re allowed to get pissed off.
We’re allowed to lose debates.
We DONT have to have all the answers.
We don’t have to have “experiences”.
We don’t have to have “visions”.
We don’t even have to “sound spiritual” when we talk.

Don’t trade one form of fake performance religion for another one called “grace”.


GRACE is unpretentiously beautiful…

~ Gustavo Flores

(Joe Black is a guest poster. I love what he has said.)

THAT WORD WRATH.. what does it mean.. ?

by Joe Black (Notes) on Friday, May 10, 2013 at 7:25pm

That Word Wrath…what does it mean?

Many have rejected the word “wrath,” for which I don’t blame them, as presented to us through the church, we were made to think God hated his very own creation,  and can still do so…that misconception developed out of Judaism, and much of the OT darkness of man’s minds  found in all religions..  and established  in the church…through the lie of Penal Substitution Atonement teaching and that came of Anshelm largely built upon Augustine’s misunderstandings.. who was still apparently thinking God hated him, as if the things he had done or was doing.. was His Identity.. when it wasn’t.. .CHRIST WAS AND IS…. ..

God is love.. pure love.. and pure love is from which we were created  and all creation came forth and IN PERFECT LOVE…. and that has never changed.. the word “orge” means the passion of God, GOD IS AGAPE…..yes, LOVE is passionately in love with us all and that love can quite be misperceived and misunderstood.. when it is thought to be God against mankind… IT IS NOT….

His love is a violent PASSIONATE love for us, at all times.. passionate and full of mercy and grace.. so in our ignorance while we believed God did not love us.. all the while LOVE was.. and the things that we made our perceptions about us, and Him/Her WHO IS LOVE…. that were outside of us based on the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were misperceptions…. .Law was not given to strengthen our carnal minds or perceptions but to break it all down… We perceived or thought that LOVE was against us and not for us..(IN OUR MINDS WE ACTUALLY THOUGHT LOVE COULD HATE..) this is the wrath in which the church has come to believe in as if God hates and must extract blood from someone in order to love us..

IT WAS GOD IN CHRIST.. conciliating the world .. UNTO HIMSELF.. not God outside of Yeshua, beating the crap out of His Son..  It wasn’t God that needed to judge something.. it was man that thinks he did.. So God said here is my heart and do with what you will and so MAN JUDGED MAN..

This BELIEF of God has to have something killed and presented as a blood sacrifice.. is nothing more then pagan religions going way back in time. in their use.. of sacrifice of both human and animal.. thinking that god or their gods could be appeased.. LOVE NEEDS NO APPEASEMENT.. LOVE JUST IS…… and it is totally out of line with the Truth and Perfect Love.to believe such garbage… . it is ill conceived from the minds of those, who yet have not realized the TREE OF LIFE (Christ, God, Spirit- Love) IS IN THEM..

THIS LOVE, CHRIST IS OUR REALITY…OUR LIFE.. but until we realize that passionate love for us and in us…. and that it is against anything other then the creature.. MANKIND, HIS CREATION.. anything other that comes between our understanding relationship with that of our Father who His Perfect and Pure Love (AGAPE).

This love is always toward never ending,  that love  which is already in us, and as us.. then individuals will continue to look to the circumstances of life outside of themselves, as if Perfect Pure Love was against them or even schizophrenic.. “he loves me, he loves me not”……. but if God be for you, who or what can be against you.. nothing can separate us from who He is, LOVE.

For it is His passionate love.. FIRE.. that Yeshua said.. “ALL” will be salted by Fire.. Our God is a consuming fire..  IT BURNS UP ALL THAT STANDS BETWEEN YOU AND LOVE…but not YOU.. as the object of that LOVE.. ALL come out on the other side of this passionate love with understanding.. ., it is his “Touchstone” (that seems as torment for us.. while we don’t know and understand yet this LOVE..and it is.. because Christ and you ARE ONE….. that brings out the gold (Wisdom and Understanding.. Christ YOUR LIFE REALIZED)…

That word torment in Revelations is (BASANIZO) it is of a corrective nature not punishment..it is PASSIONATE LOVE FOR US AND TOWARD US.. until we realize that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS….The Christ in us.. is unveiled..

That which is LOVE..  is against the very *thing that keeps us from understanding that relationship, *(anything that gives us a double-mind) yes, even and especially religion.. no matter in whatever form or any kind…Love is not and never against YOU..

IT IS FOR YOU…..  that nature and essence of what God is – PURE, ABSOLUTE AND PERFECT LOVE  and who we are.. the very Sons of God..  THE SEED CHRIST SON OF GOD IS THE SEED WHICH IS OUR LIFE.. even from the beginning.. even before LOVE.. said Let there BE LIGHT.. and the LIGHT WAS PREFERRED OVER THE DARKNESS… and that Light is the light that comes into the world and light every man..

LOVE IS NEVER AGAINST THE OBJECT OF HIS LOVE.. which IS YOU…..The carnal mind is at enmity with God. that thought of mankind that thinks it is or has been separated from PERFECT LOVE….. and Passionate Love is establishing in your thoughts.. that WORD , we all have called out or will call out sooner or later… Abba ..  help me.. and a father WHO IS LOVE .. never turns down the request of HIS SON.. Christ (HIS LIFE-OUR LIFE)..

The fire gets turned down… you could say at least it seems in our mis-perceptions that God must hate me.. .. because now you know this love.. that all this time.. was coming to us.. not to destroy us.. or torture us.. but to release us into that love WHICH IS…YOU AND CHRIST….ONE….

Perfect Love (AGAPE) seeks your best, never kept account of wrong…. but it doesn’t rejoice in any evil. nor does PERFECT LOVE call its children evil.. whatever would keep you from understanding GOD IS LOVE….and your complete and EXISTING ALREADY absolute identity- ONENESS WITH CHRIST).. His everlasting and forever LOVE FOR HIS HUMANITY WAS ALWAYS THERE beating down the door of ignorance.. passionately……… death is the last enemy.. and Christ victoriously arose..

Christ has risen in all of us.. If Christ died for all.. then ALL DIED.. If Christ be alive.. then Christ is OUR LIFE….Christ is the LAST ADAM.. the LIFE GIVING SPIRIT…(God breathed the BREATH OF LIFE into MANKIND) His Spirit, and our Spirit. ARE ONE…yet men didn’t perceive that and many do not yet.. but truth is truth.. whether you believe it or not..

THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING WORD IS IN YOU ) Christ- “perfect love- “..  for we are One.. don’t mistake the things in life, that happen as if God was against you, don’t judge against the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.. but see HIS LOVE IS THE TREE OF LIFE that you hungered for was already there IN YOU…… HE HAS ALWAYS AND PASSIONATELY LOVED HIS CHILDREN.. and WE.. “ALL” .. ARE THE OFFSPRING OF PERFECT LOVE.. ie…..GOD IS LOVE….never is  or was GOD- PURE LOVE -HATE..IMPOSSIBLE…. no matter what you think.. the TRUTH IS… GOD IS LOVE….pure and unconditional love..

AGAPE doesn’t need your recognition (not self-seeking) but it is WE THAT NEED TO KNOW… WHO WE ARE.. and WE AREN’T WHAT WE DO.. BUT WHO WE ARE IN HIM…it is we that as sheep that had all gone astray.. God never left to go anywhere.. HE COULDN’T LEAVE.. CHRIST WAS IN US…..the secret hidden throughout the ages,, now revealed.. .  love so GIVES because that is ALL IT CAN DO… love will not quit.. loving.. because Love never fails.. whether one realizes LOVE IS.. and that we are the object of that LOVE in our UNION WITH CHRIST.. established before the foundation of the world or we don’t..

PASSIONATE LOVE “orge” will always be present toward YOU.. HIS EXTREMELY PASSIONATE LOVE..mistaken for hate.. until you finally rest.. in that love.. and nothing else.. WHERE YOU FINALLY REALIZE .. CHRIST ALL IN ALL – GOD ALL IN ALL

Awake to the Love that is toward you and in you… that abides forever more…. and whatever stands between you knowing that.. it will soon disappear… and be eliminated..abolished in your life..  and the Christ who is your life.. will soon appear in YOU.. and AS YOU.. One Spirit.. One Life..




Please.. never see the word wrath again.. as if GOD COULD EVER HATE YOU…. or ANYONE.. we are the object of LOVE AS CHRIST.. and shall always BE….  whether we experience His violent love (which shakes both heaven and earth- those things temporal) or love in peace.(those things of the new heaven and earth- the permanent)  LOVE NEVER FAILS..  LOVE NEVER RETURNED TO GOD VOID.. because it can’t.. LOVE IS.. There is no other thing.. in heaven, earth or under the earth.. then LOVE….GOD IS ALL IN ALL..

Shalom… I have peace that passes all understanding.. THE PEACE OF LOVE….(GOD)… “I AM”…
One with the Father and the Son…  ONE SPIRIT (GOD), ONE LIFE (CHRIST), ONE LORD (OUR EXISTENCE)..


Blessings.. LOVERS.. WE ARE LOVED.. COMPLETELY and there is no shadow of turning..

Grace and Truth be unto you…  in Christ Jesus.. our Lord.. (our existence..)

AIN’T LOVE … GOOD… hmm… hmmm .. good..

– Joe Black


This is one of the most succinct expositions I have read on what eternal life really is.

Jeff Turner is a Facebook presence and has a website:  http://jeff-turner.org/


Jeff Turner ~

Eternal life is not simply a reference to an expanded, extended, and exit-less existence. Rather, it is a quality of life that springs from ceaseless union with the Godhead. It is adoption. It is a feasting upon the bread of acceptance, and an inhaling of the air of adoption.

Eternal life is not merely something that awaits us in the hereafter, but is the substance in which we are presently swimming. It is a life which is helplessly tangled up in the life of Jesus Christ and His union with His Father and the Spirit. It is God, sharing with you the communion, love, laughter and light that has always existed in the family of the Trinity, and causing you to become a part of the clan.

Eternal life is God’s life, given to men freely, and independent of their efforts and labors. It is Jesus Christ, taking His eternal existence, and joining it with our own, causing two worlds to become united and inseparable. It is heaven bleeding over into the earth, and the earth bleeding over into heaven. More than that, it is heaven and earth becoming one in the person of Jesus Christ! The human race and divinity becoming one inseparable unit in His incarnation.

Eternal Life…it is not just about quantity, but quality.

It is communion. It is union.

It is Eternal, it is Life, it is yours, and it is NOW!

“NOW this is ETERNAL LIFE: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.” (John 17:3)


Revelation 20:14 YLT
(Young’s Literal Translation)
and the death and the hades were cast to the lake of the fire — this [is] the second death

The second death is the death of death. It’s quite simple really. 

Fire is the purifying fire of God, and all are made pure by Christ. Who is not written in the book of life? None, really. All are born out of His love and into His love. Some just don’t know it yet. 

 The name in the book of life. It’s Christ and all are in Him. He is the one who overcame. We overcome by the word of the testimony, and the word is that all are in Him, and reconciled. It is finished!!!!!

If you want to be literal, then some all shall be ‘purified’ of the junk that keeps them blinded to love, and will then will know Him. It still results in the end of death. But not the ‘end’ of anyone.

Revelation is a book of symbols and is not the basis of understanding God’s ways. But it will reflect His ways, just as it has been made to reflect what are not His ways.

What does is mean to worship, not at a mountain/place, but in spirit and in truth? Does it mean we have to be “spirit filled” in order to be the worshippers the Father seeks? Who in their right mind worships their father anyway?

I think that worship in spirit and truth means to do what Jesus did. Live in love and grace, and share it with others. All that is required is to merely be ourselves, one with God and spirit, and by extension, one with all. When we sing of our joy over this, know He is singing it with us. Worship? Not so much. Oneness and joining in the divine dance.  That is how I see it.

Let’s get real about what the word, “christ”, means.

“The word Christ (or similar spellings) appears in English and most European language, owing to the Greek usage of Christós (transcribed in Latin as Christus) in the New Testament as a description for Jesus. Christ has now become a name, one part of the name “Jesus Christ”, but originally it was a title (the Messiah) and not a name; however its use in “Christ Jesus” is a title.

In the Septuagint version of the Hebrew Bible, the word Christ was used to translate into Greek the Hebrew mashiach (messiah), meaning “anointed.”Christós in classical Greek usage could mean covered in oil, or anointed, and is thus a literal translation of messiah.

The spelling Christ (Greek Genitive: τοῦ Χριστοῦ, toú Christoú,; Nominative: ὁ Χριστὸς, ho Christós) in English was standardized in the 18th century, when, in the spirit of the Enlightenment, the spelling of certain words was changed to fit their Greek or Latin origins. Prior to this, in Old and Middle English, the word was usually spelled Crist the i being pronounced either as /iː/, preserved in the names of churches such as St Katherine Cree, or as a short /ɪ/, preserved in the modern pronunciation of Christmas. The spelling “Christ” is attested from the 14th century.

In modern and ancient usage, even within secular terminology, Christ usually refers to Jesus, building on the centuries old tradition of such use. Since the Apostolic Age, the use of the definite article before the word Christ and its development into a proper name signifies its identification with Jesus as the promised Jewish messiah.”

~  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ

The closest idea to a universal or cosmic Christ is the the Word… the Logos… the spoken thought of God. Jesus, we are told in John chapter one, is the Logos and is God.

The so-called cosmic Christ is a misunderstanding of the descriptive word, anointed. Mystics, both Christian and non-Christian, have picked it up and used it.

It is perfectly fine to see the Logos as mystic, universal (i.e. of the cosmos) and the essence of God. God is eternal and both transcendent and immanent. He is cosmic in that sense.

My problem, as usual, is semantics. I like to use the words that were originally used…. and in the original intent and meaning. It’s a thing with me.

But maybe this will strike a chord with someone. Peace.

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