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One thing certain is change. I have been very busy with Facebook and have not posted here much lately. So much going on, so many changes in where I am and what I believe.

Grace has taken me to some wonderful places. I have become an LGBTI ally. That means I support 100% a gay or transgendered  person’s wonderful gift and his or her right to be who God made them. My focus is on gay Christians and their sometimes painful struggle to reconcile their faith and their orientation.

Grace has also taken me into exploring the idea of ultimate or final reconciliation of all people. Not universalism that says the work of Christ means nothing. No, the work of Christ makes it possible.

These things are very controversial. Teaching radical grace got me into enough trouble with the established churches. But God reveals and leads and we can only follow. It we don’t we are stagnant and stop growing. I must grow or die, I think!

I am, as I said, on Facebook. And I will be here now and then. Blessings.


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