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You know, I look around. I make mental notes. I register spiritual ones.

And I have seen that those who talk about grace and love and oneness are happy, yet are constantly attacked by those who talk about scriptures and dogmas…. and they are not happy, not really. Happy people don’t act like that.

It’s beginning to be a no-brainer. Look to the thing that produces love and joy. Look to what God is speaking to your heart.

Grace is… beautiful…


God's influence in our hearts

God’s gift to us – His divine influence in our hearts. This is based on the many meanings of the Greek word, charis. And also on the verb form. It is usually translated gift, or grace. But it is so much more. Note the similarity to the fruit of the spirit! It’s almost as though there is a very direct connection between the Holy Spirit and grace….

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Noah means rest, as in to settle down in a location. We who believe enter God’s rest, and we have been given grace. Interesting……

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