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God's influence in our hearts

God’s gift to us – His divine influence in our hearts. This is based on the many meanings of the Greek word, charis. And also on the verb form. It is usually translated gift, or grace. But it is so much more. Note the similarity to the fruit of the spirit! It’s almost as though there is a very direct connection between the Holy Spirit and grace….

Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. Noah means rest, as in to settle down in a location. We who believe enter God’s rest, and we have been given grace. Interesting……


Come As You Are

He’s not mad at you
And He’s not disappointed
His grace is greater still
Than all of your wrong choices

He is full of mercy
And He is ever kind
Hear His invitation
His arms are open wide

You can come as you are
With all your broken pieces
And all your shameful scars
The pain you hold in your heart
Bring it all to Jesus
You can come as you are

Louder than the voice
That whispers you’re unworthy
Hear the sound of love
That tells a different story

Shattering your darkness
And pushing through the lies
How tenderly He calls you
His arms are open wide

(2009 Word Music LLC, Pocket Full of Rocks Publishing ASCAP)

Don’t listen to the naysayers, who want to put people under condemnation, or the guilt that comes from the law of Moses, or any man made religious rule. These lyrics are truth.

God is not mad at you.

He’s not even disappointed. He knows you, and will walk with you, all the days of your life. He sent His Son Jesus to rescue the humanity that He loves. He did it by all the mystery of His death and resurrection, under the harsh law of the Moses, becoming the second Adam.

In Him, we are blameless and have eternal life, the penalty of death being paid by. We die, but we inherit eternal, resurrection life. In effect, Jesus gave us back to us, and to Himself. And in Jesus, if we have believed in Him, we live and move and have our being. We can know we have eternal life because of what is written and because we have that witness in our hearts that He lives in us.

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