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Hearing God. How do we do that?

Far too often, people hear from God, and then immediately have to ‘back it up with scripture’. However, citing chapter and verse is a straight jacket. Should what we hear from God harmonize with scripture? Yes. But not word for word (and even the original language words are not really the “original” words) or even thought for thought.

Quite frankly, I’ve seen more half-baked teachings that come from taking things out of scriptural context, than from someone teaching with a heart of grace.

Hearing from God usually comes as impressions in our minds. Sometimes a few hear a voice (and there is both scripture for that, and scientific evidence). However, grace is God’s influence on our hearts/minds. This is where He works.

Grace will never contradict the love of God, and will look like the fruit of the spirit. It will never cause us to harm, hurt, or abuse, anyone. If there can be a test, this it. Read the love chapter (1 Corinthians 13:4-8). Grace looks like that, when it is expressed in our lives.

Does He speak through scripture? Yes! But as we walk in grace, He will speak louder than what’s on a page. He is not bound to the page. The pages speak of Him and point to Christ. He is always speaking. He has never stopped.

In fact, we have the New Testament because God spoke through the apostles as they wrote. And they taught in the new churches out of the grace in their hearts. We don’t have a record of all they said. Sometimes I think that is a good thing, considering how we have not understood even what we do have.

We have some of the letters (not all of them!) that were written to address certain churches, and some problems there. The letters were not meant to be rules for all churches for all times. The apostles spoke out of grace, not law.

We speak out of grace for our time. We are well able to hear God through grace, and we do not need to find a verse or two to back it up, each and every time. If it’s God, grace will teach us. We will know, for the Holy Spirit will lead us into truth. Let’s not be afraid to speak what’s on our hearts and minds. God is in it.


Speak the truth even if your voice shakes

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