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Hi to the family, from Papa and Jesus and me;

I love you all, and we are all one, being bound together by Papa’s love.

To err is human, to forgive divine. This is closer to the truth than you realize. It describes human nature. It does not imply guilt or wrong doing, only messing up, missing it, erring.

The only reason to ever feel guilty is if we offend another person. Then we need to make it right if we can, because love is the answer.

But Jesus says that Papa in not ever offended. So we can relax. We no longer try to make Papa happy by being good.

Grace, Papa’s very voice inside us, teaches us His ways, not a list of dos and don’ts.

When we look for rules to live by, we miss out, big time. We lose the benefit of Papa’s voice, because we are looking at the rules and not listening to Him.

So what about those who seem to be living in error? What is the standard?

The work of the spirit is to help us hear Papa’s voice, and show us His ways. But doing our own selfish thing works against Papa’s ways.

And He is always for us. How can we turn that away?

The world will not fall apart if we let the Spirit do its work. Surely we can trust Papa? Yes! He will never lead anyone away from His ways. This is called grace.

Help others learn to hear Papa too. If you try to make others fit your idea of how to find the way, you have gotten it wrong. Each one listens for only one voice – Papa’s!

Truly, the only reason to step in is when someone is causing harm. Harm comes from selfishness. It is the opposite of love and grace, and is not from Papa.

But love never fails. Above all, love each other! If it is love, let it be. Rejoice!

And now, from Papa, and Jesus, who loved us and gave Himself for us, and from me, your sister, love and grace.



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